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Product for BIS Registration

Laptop / Notebook / Tablets

Laptop / Notebook / Tablets

Product : Laptop / Notebook / Tablets

IS Standard : IS 13252 (Part-1)

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it compulsory for manufacturers and importers of laptops, notebooks, and tablets to register their products under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). The CRS was introduced in 2012 to ensure that electronic products sold in India meet certain safety and quality standards.

To register for BIS / CRS, manufacturers and importers must submit an application to the BIS along with a fee. The application must include the following information:

  • The name and address of the applicant
  • The type of electronic product being registered
  • The model number of the electronic product
  • The manufacturing or import date of the electronic product
  • The results of any testing that has been done on the electronic product

Once the application is submitted, the BIS will review it and may conduct an inspection of the electronic product. If the application is approved, the BIS will issue a registration certificate. The registration certificate must be displayed on all electronic products that are sold in India.

The BIS may also require additional documents, such as a copy of the product's import permit or a copy of the product's marketing authorization.

The BIS / CRS registration process can take several weeks to complete. It is important to start the registration process early to ensure that your product is compliant with Indian standards and that you can sell it in India.