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Relevancy and Reliability of BIS Registration for Consumer Electronics

Relevancy and Reliability of BIS Registration for Consumer Electronics



India is a growing country. Demands of Consumer Electronics are getting a rapid rise day by day. Now it’s very difficult to skip the basic gadgets and devices from our daily life. This is story of all upper-lower class and above segment in India. So safety of uses of these products is a highly concern. Inferior products in terms of material & safety measures can cause the problems like shocks and radiation during the uses. Dumping after uses of these products is already a big challenge for environmentalist. So it’s high time to regulate the quality of material and safety measures of all electronic products. Keeping this approach in view, Depart of Electronics & Information Technology (DEITY) which comes under ministry of Communication & Information Technology, Government of India, has begin a safety drive as Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) for Consumer Electronics. This scheme is being implemented through Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) head office at Delhi. This mandatory scheme is called as “BIS Registration for Electronic Products”.



After considering the possibility of problem causes by inferior material and neglected safety measures the relevancy of CRS is quite logical. In most of developed countries, safety check has already been implemented for long ago. Most of countries have their own safety standard to be followed by manufacturer. Same way India has its own safety standard which is known as “IS Standard” and this standard is similar to IEC Standard. By seeing the world scenario & environment challenges, it is very relevant to have our own standard to follow the safety norms according to our need and it should be applied very sincerely.



Process of BIS Registration is simple and followed by two easy steps. Firstly, you need to get the product tested by BIS Approved Lab and secondly, you need to submit the factory information along with test report to BIS Office. In normal due course of 45-60 days you will get the BIS Registration for your brand & model of your particular product.

The only hassle factor is that you need to get the BIS Registration Certification every time for every upcoming brand and model in your particular product category.



Proper surveillance and cross verification of documents are being implemented to check any manipulation by manufacturer. Penalty clause for defaulter is a good measure to strengthen the scope of reliability. We hope purpose of it will work for all.

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