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Product for EPRA for E-Waste

Electronic data storage devices

Electronic data storage devices

Product : Electronic data storage devices

IS Standard : ITEW27

EPR stands for Extended Producer Responsibility. It is a policy that requires producers to take responsibility for the environmental impact of their products, even after they have been sold. This includes the collection and recycling of e-waste, such as electronic data storage devices (EDSDs).

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is responsible for implementing EPR for EDSDs. To obtain EPR authorization, manufacturers and importers must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Registering with BIS
  • Paying an EPR fee
  • Developing an EPR plan
  • Complying with all applicable environmental regulations

Once a manufacturer or importer has obtained EPR authorization, they are responsible for collecting and recycling e-waste from their products. They can do this by setting up their own collection and recycling system, or by working with a third-party recycler.

EPR is an important environmental policy that helps to reduce the amount of e-waste that ends up in landfills and incinerators. It also helps to protect human health and the environment by ensuring that e-waste is recycled in an environmentally sound manner.

Here are the steps on how to obtain EPR authorization for EDSDs in India:

  1. Register with BIS. You can do this online at the BIS website.
  2. Pay an EPR fee. The fee is based on the number of EDSDs you manufacture or import.
  3. Develop an EPR plan. Your EPR plan must include details on how you will collect and recycle e-waste from your products.
  4. Comply with all applicable environmental regulations. This includes regulations on the transportation, storage, and disposal of e-waste.