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Pay telephones

Pay telephones

Product : Pay telephones

IS Standard : ITEW13

EPR Authorization for Pay telephones is a process that is required for the import and export of pay telephones in India. The process is overseen by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and is designed to ensure that pay telephones meet certain safety and quality standards.

To obtain EPR Authorization for Pay telephones, a manufacturer or importer must first apply to the BIS. The application must include a variety of documentation, including the product's technical specifications, test reports, and a certificate of conformity. The BIS will then review the application and, if it is approved, will issue an EPR Authorization Certificate.

The EPR Authorization Certificate is valid for a period of five years. After the five-year period has expired, the manufacturer or importer must reapply for EPR Authorization.

The EPR Authorization process is designed to protect consumers from the sale of unsafe or substandard pay telephones. By requiring manufacturers and importers to obtain EPR Authorization, the BIS is ensuring that pay telephones sold in India meet certain minimum safety and quality standards.