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Info: BIS Registration

How to fix BIS Logo on product after getting the BIS Registration Number?

All products are required to put the BIS Logo on product & packaging after getting the BIS Registration Number of that particular product (model). It should be non-removable and non-washable. It’s better to put it either by printing or by embossing. It must be visible by size and position and preferred to be fixed on marking label or nearby.


Please remember, no any scheduled product can be sold or can be exported to India without BIS Logo & Registration Number fixed on it.


Though you can put "Self-Declaration Statement" instead of BIS Logo, but it is less preferred in the market.


BIS Logo is combination of IS Standard Number, Icon and BIS Registration Number.


Guideline for logo design is given in the link below: 

BIS Logo Design Guideline by BIS Office, India


Samples for Reference are as below (Brand Name is BLI):