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Product for WPC Approval

Wireless Terminal

Wireless Terminal

Product : Wireless Terminal

IS Standard : EN 300 328

Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) is a regulatory body in India that is responsible for the approval and management of wireless communication devices and equipment. If you want to use a wireless terminal in India, you need to obtain approval from the WPC.

To obtain WPC approval for a wireless terminal, you need to follow these steps:

Submit an application: You need to submit an application to the WPC for approval. The application should include details about the wireless terminal, such as the frequency band, power output, and mode of operation.

Testing: Once the application is submitted, the WPC will conduct tests on the wireless terminal to ensure that it meets the required technical standards and regulations. This testing is usually conducted by an authorized testing agency.

Approval: If the wireless terminal meets all the required standards and regulations, the WPC will issue an approval certificate.