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Info: BIS Registration

What kind of Business License is required for BIS Registration?

Business License of applicant (manufacturer) is required for BIS Registration.  Following features must be carried by Business License:

  1. It should be issued by Government Authority
  2. Manufacturing / Production word must be mentioned in Business Scope
  3. Exact English Translation (in same format) must be presented along with copy of original License (if it is issued in other Language)
  4. Both copy (Original + English) must be signed & sealed by Applicant


Business License without business scope as manufacturing or production will not be accepted.


If Business scope is not mentioned in Business License then ISO Certificate or any other Government Certificate (Like Tax Registration etc) of same factory which carries the business scope as manufacturer can be produced along with copy of Business License for the support of Factory Proof. This supportive certificate also must be presented with English Translated version with sign & seal by applicant.


Please click here for sample copy.