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BIS Certification for Electronic Products

Brand Liaison is a dedicated service provider for BIS Certification for Indian and foreign manufacturer who want to sell their product (which is identified for BIS Registration) in India. Brand Liaison is a complete business solution provider in terms of BIS Certification in India for IT and Electronics products. We have team of committed specialists who excellently utilizes their skills and work for the domestic and foreign manufacturers to provide 100% satisfaction. We always deliver the services within the allotted time period in a smooth way.

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) contains a list of products that are mandatory to get BIS Registration Certificate before launching in India. All manufacturers need to apply for BIS Certificate which assure that their products are safe for the consumers in India. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Delhi is the sole authority responsible for the issuance of BIS Certification in India. Every manufacturer must comply with the rules and regulations as per decided by the BIS. We at Brand Liaison helps to organize all formalities and documentation required by BIS in order to register the product.

Required Document List for BIS Registration Process

Required Document List for BIS Registration Process is divided in 2 parts:

1. Firstly, you need to provide the Technical Information of Product for lab test. It’s all about construction details of the product like –

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual
  • Critical Component List (CCL)
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2. Secondly, you need to provide the Factory Documents & Information to complete the BIS Application Form & Process. It’s all about basic information about the manufacturing unit like –

  • Legal Address Proof of Factory (Manufacturing License Copy)
  • Trade Mark Registration Copy (Brand Name Registration)
  • Organizational Chart of Factory (Top Management + QA Team)
  • List of Machinery
  • Documents of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR), in case of foreign manufacturer
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Costing and Timeline BIS/CRS CERTIFICATION

Costing and Timeline for BIS Registration

Costing for BIS Registration

Total Cost for BIS Registration is Indian Rupees 110000* or USD 210 * per lead model of a brand of a product category.

This cost includes all the expenses like testing fee, BIS fee and consultancy fee. Handling cost and additional cost may be applied for few specific products. GST @ 18% will also be applicable additionally on payment in Indian Rupees.

Timeline for BIS Registration

Total Time for BIS Registration will be approx. 30-35 working days, including testing time (15-20 working days) and BIS application processing time (10-15 working days).

This duration can be reduced if all the required information and documents are submitted promptly by the aplicant.
*T&C Apply*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Guideline for Multiple Model and Series of Product for BIS Registration?

In Single BIS Registration Application, 10 similar models (series models) of one brand can be processed together provided all models fall in series guideline. Only Set Top Box can have multiple brands of 10 series models in single BIS Registration Application. For cell and battery, it can be upto 20 series models (1+19).



Please click here to download the Series Guidelines.


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What is the Process for BIS Registration?

Process of BIS Registration is divided in two steps: 


Step-1: Firstly, the sample of product is to be given to “BIS Approved Indian Laboratory” for testing under defined IS Standard.


Step-2: Secondly, after getting the test report, apply to BIS Office with prescribed filled-up Form VI attached with lab test report, factory documents, information & undertaking. After scrutiny of all submitted documents & information, BIS Registration Certificate will be issued.


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What are the Guidelines for BIS Registration for Importer and Trader?

BIS Registration Certificate is issued to Manufacturing Units only and no Importer or Trader can get it in their own name.


All Importers and Traders need to get BIS Registration for their respective Manufacturing Unit before placing their order for scheduled electronic items. They can initiate & coordinate the process of BIS Registration on behalf of their respective manufacturing unit.


Importer/Trader can request the manufacturing unit to get the BIS Registration in their (Importer’s/Trader’s) brand name.


Importer/Trader can become the Indian Representative for Foreign Manufacturing Unit as it is mandatory to have an Indian Representative to get BIS Registration.


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What is the Mandatory List of Products for BIS Registration?

There are 50 products category which are identified by MEITY which requires BIS Registration Certificate and is applicable to all Indian as well Foreign Manufacturers. List is as below- 


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What is the Format of BIS Registration Certificate?

The specimen copy of BIS Registration Certificate for reference purpose is as below:

This is an indicative document only to show the contents mentioned on BIS Registration Certificate. This is not for any legal presentation.

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Which Products are exempted from BIS Registration?

If you are importing or manufacturing the product which are defined in Mandatory BIS Registration List but your product meets at least one of the following criteria –


a.  Equipment Powered by Three phase power supply, OR

b.  Equipment Powered by Single phase power supply with current rating exceeding 16 Ampere, OR

c.  Equipment with dimensions exceeding 1.5 m x 0.8 m, OR

d.  Equipment with weight exceeding 80 Kg.


And you are importing / manufacturing less than 100 unit per year.


Then BIS Registration will not be applicable on your product. For example, if you are importing 65” LED TV which dimension is exceeding 1.5m x 0.8m and quantity is less than 100 units per year then BIS Registration will not be applicable on this product. You need to only submit the "Self Declaration" letter for the same to get the clearance from custom department. 

What is the Validity of BIS Registration and How to Get Renewal of Certificate?

BIS Registration is valid for 2 years and it can be renewed subsequently. Few documents and fees will be needed to get renewal. Testing of sample is not required for it.

What is the guideline for Marking Label?

Every product must have clear marking label which cannot be removed, cannot be washed off and cannot be scratched by normal effort. It is advised to make it either by printing or embossing on the product. Printed metal plate well fixed on product can also be a good option.


Following information must be mentioned on marking label :

  • Name of Product (Category)
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Power Rating (Input / Output)
  • Made in Country Name (Like Made In India, Made In China etc.)
  • Name of Manufacturer 

Other information on marking label is optional and can be mentioned as per products’ individual requirement. 


Samples for Reference are as below (Brand Name is BLI): 


How to fix BIS Logo on product after getting the BIS Registration Number?

All products are required to put the BIS Logo on product & packaging after getting the BIS Registration Number of that particular product (model). It should be non-removable and non-washable. It’s better to put it either by printing or by embossing. It must be visible by size and position and preferred to be fixed on marking label or nearby.


Please remember, no any scheduled product can be sold or can be exported to India without BIS Logo & Registration Number fixed on it.


Though you can put "Self-Declaration Statement" instead of BIS Logo, but it is less preferred in the market.


BIS Logo is combination of IS Standard Number, Icon and BIS Registration Number.



BIS Logo Design Guideline by BIS Office, India


Guideline for logo design is given in the link below:


Samples for Reference are as below (Brand Name is BLI):

What kind of Business License is required for BIS Registration?

Business License of applicant (manufacturer) is required for BIS Registration.  Following features must be carried by Business License:

  1. It should be issued by Government Authority  
  2. Manufacturing / Production word must be mentioned in Business Scope
  3. Exact English Translation (in same format) must be presented along with copy of original License (if it is issued in other Language)
  4. Both copy (Original + English) must be signed & sealed by Applicant


Business License without business scope as manufacturing or production will not be accepted.


If Business scope is not mentioned in Business License then ISO Certificate or any other Government Certificate (Like Tax Registration etc) of same factory which carries the business scope as manufacturer can be produced along with copy of Business License for the support of Factory Proof. This supportive certificate also must be presented with English Translated version with sign & seal by applicant.



Please click here for sample copy.