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Brand Liaison is a comprehensive business solution provider that works towards tremendous business growth and expansion. A pool of expertise and in-depth knowledge about the all business verticals, we work in harmonization to help clients start a business and move with them to their entire business journey.

To ensure a flawless business operation in all industry verticals, we offer the following services:

Compliance Services for Indian Market

BIS Registration for Electronic Products

BIS Registration is essential for all the electronic products which are listed in Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) and get to be sold in India. All foreign and Indian manufacturers need to apply for this registration to ensure flawless export and selling of the product into Indian market. The BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard), Delhi Office undertake a thorough analysis of the product quality and functioning and thereafter issue the BIS Registration certificate.

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WPC Approval for IT Products

Brand Liaison provides smooth and quick WPC Certification Services to all IT & electronic equipments that fall under WiFi & Bluetooth category. All Electronic Devices that run on WiFi & Bluetooth technologies required WPC Approval before to be sold into Indian market. All WiFi & Bluetooth products that are to be launched into India Market must comply with the rules of Wireless Planning & Coordination, a Wing of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Department of Telecommunications, India.

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ISI Certification for Foreign Manufacturers

Brand Liaison helps to obtain ISI Certificate to all kind of organizations around the globe who wish to upgrade and grow their business in Indian market. Brand Liaison provides complete ISI Certification guidance and support throughout the process from start to end. Few products are in mandatory list which needs to get ISI Certificate before to be sold into India Market. Please refer Info section to see the list.

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Combined picture for BIS Registration, WPC Approval & ISI Certification

Brand Representation for Foreign Manufacturer

Representation Office in India

India’s economy is the world’s tenth largest economy, thus it is land of business opportunities for foreign companies. Companies doing business with India may wish to establish a legitimate presence temporarily or permanently, we help such companies to represent their on-ground presence in India.

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Representation for Business Networking (B2B)

Business in India is thriving, foreign companies planning to execute specific projects in India needs business network with international outlook. We bridge that network between global business with long term business objective in mind and valuable Indian platform by providing B2B association in India.

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Representation for Statutory Compliance

For foreign companies establishing a business presence in India, it requires the consummation of a set of stronger legal foundation. We understand international pursuit and Indian law, and we provide statutory compliance with variation in corporate establishment in India Documentation concerned.

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Make in India Support picture

Exhibition Support for Business Promotion

Option & Planning

We equip vertically combined trade and exhibition service, we provide foreign exhibitors with various resources and possibility to showcase their products on broad platform in India. We offer a complete set of exhibition services, from analyzing intent clientele to providing economical utility for exhibition support in India.

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Fabrication & Coordination

We firmly believe that participation in Indian exhibitions and trade event benefits International manufacturers / exporters, we assist them with full services of exhibition procedures. From groundwork to work force in arranging exhibition we deliver competent fabrication and coordination service for exhibitors to organize exhibition in India.

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Media & PR

Technology concurrence and advertisement advancement, international trade is ascending, exhibition simulate an important part in multinational business and needs conventional advertisement and media exposure, with prominent media agency and public relation services we promote exhibitions all over world.

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Brand Representation in India for foreign Manufacturer

Make in India Support for Foreign & Domestic Brand

Planning & Approval

Today there is a tremendous business opportunity for foreign companies in India. We assist foreign companies in understanding requirements and gravity of the Indian market and planning there establishment accordingly for subsequent growth.

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Company Formation

For a business to settle on-ground in India, there are many legal formalities and regulations. We understand Indian corporate laws and norms, thus we help foreign companies to establish and perform in India without any constitutional hassles.

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Infrastructure & HR

Comprehending Indian business requirement with perspective of man power as well as competent and profit- oriented accommodation is a major concern for any foreign company willing to establish in India. We cognize such companies requirements, and provide them with fundamental to prime resources.

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Allied Services

DAS License for MSO

DAS License is essential to start the business of MSO. DAS (MSO) license is granted by MIB (Ministry of Broadcasting). DAS (MSO) License will be valid for 10 years. Any new or old cable operator can apply for DAS (MSO) License to run the digital cable business in India. Brand Liaison helps the applicant to organize the necessary documents and process to obtain the DAS (MSO) License.

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ISP License for MSO

ISP (Internet Service Provider) License is necessary to run the business of Broadband in India. Any MSO can apply to obtain the ISP License UL (Unified Licensing) System. UL License is given by DoT and it is valid for 20 Years. MSO needs to form Private Limited Company (by ROC) before applying for ISP, as it is mandatory. Brand Liaison helps MSO to apply for ISP License.

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DAS License and ISP License for MSO