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TEC Certification For Telecom Products

TEC (Telecommunication Engineering Centre) is a certification body in India that provides certification for telecom products. The certification is mandatory for telecom equipment that is intended to be sold or used in India. The TEC certification process ensures that telecom products meet the technical and safety requirements as per the Indian regulations.

The TEC certification process involves testing the product in accordance with the technical specifications and requirements specified by the Indian government. The certification process also includes an evaluation of the product's safety features and compliance with environmental standards.

The certification is issued by TEC based on the successful completion of the testing and evaluation process. The TEC certificate indicates that the product meets the technical and safety requirements and is compliant with the Indian regulations.

The TEC certification is required for various telecom products, including mobile phones, modems, routers, and other telecom equipment. The certification is also required for products that use wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

To obtain TEC certification for telecom products in India, manufacturers need to submit their products for testing and evaluation to a TEC accredited testing laboratory. The laboratory conducts the necessary tests and submits the results to TEC for certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents are required for TEC Certification?

Documents / Technical Details Required for TEC Certification


Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit

  • Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit - in English as well in the original language

Trademark Details

  • Copy of Trademark (Brand) Registration
  • Authority Letter from Trademark owner, if the manufacturing unit is not the owner of the Trademark

Technical Details about the Product

  • Sample(s) along with user manual and accessories to run the product
  • Product name, Brand name, and Model number
  • Safety critical components list
  • BoM (Bill of Material)
  • PCB layout and circuit diagram of the product
  • Mains power / SMPS Layout and circuit diagram
  • Details of series models, if any - please refer to the series guideline View / Download
  • Copy of marking label
  • OEM support to configure the product for functional testing, if required

Details of AIR (Authorized Indian Representative), in case of foreign manufacturer

  • KYC of AIR Company
  • Details of the signatory person

Additional Technical Details in case of Cell / Battery

  • UN 38.3 test report (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) for lithium-ion cells and batteries
  • ISO 9001 certificate.

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What is the Process for TEC Certification?

The process of TEC Certification involves the following steps:

Step-1: Registration on TEC Portal
Step-2: Allotment of Testing Lab
Step-3: Submission of Samples for Testing
Step-4: Receiving of Test Reports
Step-5: Submission of Documents & Payment to TEC

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What are the Groups and Schemes in TEC?

Groups in TEC

The Groups in TEC are made according to the time it takes to test equipment or evaluate test reports. The equipment is divided into three Groups: Group A, Group B and Group C.

Schemes in TEC

There are two types of certification schemes for notified telecom equipment as described below:

  • General Certification Scheme (GCS)

Under this scheme, the applicant has to submit compliance tests and test reports respectively according to Essential Requirements (ERs), from any designated Conformance Assessment Body (CAB).

General Certification Scheme (GCS) is applicable to Group A, Group B and Group C equipment.

  • Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)

The Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is for applicants who submit a test-wise compliance sheet and Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) in respect of parameters included  ERs. Test reports from CAB are not required to be submitted by the applicant or evaluated by TEC under this scheme. Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is applicable to Group A equipment.

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View / Download the group chart.

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What is the Validity of TEC Certification and How to Get Renewal of Certificate?

Validity & Renewal for TEC Certificate:

Validity of Certificate


TEC Certification is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. However, for Foreign OEM the Certificate is granted for five years or the validity of an MOU or AIR letter, whichever is earlier.

Renewal of Certificate


  • Application for renewal is to be made online along with the renewal fee, at least one month prior to the expiry of the current certificate’s validity period.
  • A certificate shall be renewed if there is no change in the ERs applicable to the equipment, and there is no change in the equipment model.
  • A fresh certificate valid for another five years shall be issued, indicating the previous certificate number thereon.
  • TEC may ask for re-testing / re-evaluation of certified telecom equipment and charge the relevant fee, should the need arise to check on the compliance of the equipment to the ERs.


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