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Info: ISI Certification

What Documents are Required for ISI Certification in India for Foreign Manufacturers?

Documents Required for ISI (BIS) Certification in India for Foreign Manufacturers are as under:


  • Main Application Form V -


Download the Form

(Basic details of factory & product category)


  • ISI Application Fee -


Download the Bank Details

(Copy of Remittance / Payment Advice)


  • Copy of Test Report done within a month by internal laboratory

(Indicating conformance of the product to relevant Indian Standard) 


  • Address Proof of the Manufacturing Unit

(Factory License / Tax Registration copy mentioning the scope as manufacturer)


  • Trade Mark Registration 

(TM Registration copy)


  • Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing

(If there is any)


  • Drawing of the product

(As applicable)


  • Present Installed Capacity



  • Raw Material Details

(Name of component used - name of supplier - quality certification of component)


  • Details of Machines

(Name of machine – make - capacity – number/quantity)


  • Layout plan of factory

(Floor & technical)


  • Details of Manufacturing Process

(Process flow chart along with outsourcing details, if any)


  • Nature of packing

(Size/quantity of packaging, storage facility)


  • Details of Test Equipments

(Name of equipment - Size – Quantity – Calibration Status & Date)


  • Details of QC (Quality Control) Staff

(Name of person, qualification, designation, year of experience)


  • Method of disposal of substandard product

(After manufacturing)


  • Organizational Chart of Factory

(Management list with name & designation in chart format)


  • Location Map of Factory 

(With indicating the distance from Airport & City Centre)


  • Authorized Indian Representative / Indian Liaison Partner

(Details of Indian Dealer / Indian Liaison Partner who will represent you in BIS) 


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